Election Awareness for the Lok sabha Election 2016
FEDCROT organized the election awareness camp for the Lok shabha Election 2016 which is going to held on may 16 2016 to the training students for the protection of democracy, for the development of Tamilnadu. Voters must follow the below points while voting. 1. Vote for the talented and honest contestant. 2. Don’t accept the money or gifts for your invaluable votes. 3. Vote to the right candidates irrespective of the caste, religion and language. 4. Vote for the prosperous Tamilnadu. 5. Vote 100% without fail. At the end of the programme FEDCROT founder distributes the pamphlets to the students insisting 100% of voting. Along with Secretary Mr.S.Angusamy, Treasurer Mrs.E.Susila Gunaseeli, Vice presidents Mr.Ala.Chidambaram and Mrs.S.Krishnaveni are there.

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