NABFINS (Nabard Financial Services Ltd.,)

NABFINS is a Service Authority which provide loan to WSHG members at rural places.  NABFINS will identify the WSHG members at this   to release loan for this business.   The repayment of the loan will be collected at their  door step every month.    Totally 266 Women Self Help groups benefited by Nabard Financial Services Ltd.,   
Women’s Development is felt to be a mandatory one of the Society’s development and it is rightly taken up at all spheres. The intervention strategies of SUBHAM focus on providing opportunities to various cross sections of the community, in particular empowering women culturally, economically and socially. In our journey of unrelenting efforts, we have been encouraged, enthused and enlightened by our public as well as our serving population.   We are particularly focussing the socially, economically backward class and Rural poor women and children.
The AYUSH Systems include Ayurveda, Yoga & Naturopathy, Unani, Siddha,  Homoeopathy and include therapies documented and used in these Systems for the prevention and cure of various disorders and diseases.  India has a large infrastructure for teaching and clinical care under these Systems.  The scientific validation of the treatment however still remains to be done on a wide scale.

Our Area of Operations