SJSRY[Swarna Jayanthi Shahari Rozer Yojana STEP Up Programme]

These Programmes are sponsored by Madurai Corporation. We have successfully trained up approximately 6,000 students in various courses under this scheme.The available courses in this scheme are,


Beauty care is a global multi-billion dollar industry now-a-days. Beauty and fashion are playing main roles in our generation mainly in cities and towns. To open a parlor one must know the basics of beauty therapy, there are a number of courses that are offered by us. The Students are taught to take care of basically, the skin, which would include facials, epilating processes, bleaching, manicure, pedicure, make-up, massage and diet. On the other hand, hairdressing includes treatment of the hair, as well as styling and cuttings.That are,

• Hair Therapist
• Beauty Therapist
• Basic Beauty & Hair Dressing

Tailoring is one of the most important elements in the history of modern fashion. An immensely technical craft requiring the precise measuring, cutting, and sewing of fabric in order to highlight the idealized human form, the tailor’s art has had a profound impact on the aesthetic development of fashion for 250 years. So to make self employment we offer Tailoring Courses which we mentioned below.

• Tailor
• Hand Embroider
3.Repair & Maintenance of Cellular Phone Service

Cellphone plays an essential role in everyone’s life. Importance of cellphone is very high. i.e) we are providing training in Repair and Maintenance of cellphone Service.

4.Cook – Fast Food

Cooking is one of the arts which is useful to everyone. That’s why we are providing this Cook fast food training. Under this training the students can able to do the A to Z Fast cooking foods.

5.Gem Cutting Assistant

Gem cutting can be done with a minimum of equipment, or an elaborate set up with enough bells and whistles to impress your most fastidious neighbors. The fundamentals, enough to do good quality work, are easy to learn. We are providing the environment to learn everything in this field and run out of new challenges.


In this modern era computer plays vital role in all field. So we are teaching the following computer courses. So the students can able to work in all firms.The available courses are
• Web Designing
• Computer Fundamental,MS Office, Internet & Soft Skills
• Desktop Publishing

7.Four Wheeler Driving with License (Simulator)

In modern days, life is so fast paced and extremely busy that we should know driving. Having a drivers’ licence is not an option but a must. Therefore having a diver’s licence is a very important part of your life. For that we are providing proper driving training under driving school and help them to get Driving License.


Nursing as a professional discipline is concerned with human responses to actual and potential health problems. Current research in nursing is focused on human responses to acute and chronic health problems, health promotion, health maintenance, and nursing interventions. We are teaching these type of issues under this course. The available courses are • Bedside Assistant
• Midwifery Assistant


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