Objectives of the Society
1. To Generate awareness amongst villagers, Project people, project staff and the women self help groups, youth clubs, to promote watershed, waste land, Micro village development in a participatory manner.
2. To form, organize women in small groups in the name and style of WOMEN SELF HELP GROUP, and to get them all the benefits available from the state and central governments, NGO and others.
3. To enhance the initiative by villagers including, women participation in all village development projects.
4.  To get sustainable development through regeneration by mobilization and judicious use of natural resources, specifically applying organic farming method of agriculture, conservation of land and water.
5. To ensuring full participation in planning, execution and benefits by all sections of the poor woman, SCs, and STs.
6.  To help unemployed youths in all possible ways in order to make them self –reliance and self supportive.

To train the farmers with use of natural manures and its techniques for safety of cultivate lands.

8. To Give environmental awareness to all section of the society.
9. To Give awareness on STD/HIV/ AIDS to rural and tribal living areas.
10. To establish from for aged, Orphanage, working women hostels. Destitute home, children homes as well as to work for orphans, destitute aged and disabled people,
11. In co-operation with Government and other Agencies conduct health and hygiene programme, Health education, Immunization etc.
12. Provide opportunity for holistic development of youth, including adolescents for realization of their fullest potential.
13. Develop leadership Qualities and personality development of youth and to channelize their energy towards socio economic development and growth of the nation.
14. Engage and channelize the energy of youth in a positive manner for nation building.
15. Education for community development and self reliance.
16. To create unity, integrity, and self confidence, among the people especially among the rural and urban areas for the development of the nation.
17.  To educate the people to make use of Government programmes and aids for their development.
18.  To undertake detailed research work about herbal plants and herbal Medicines.
19. To assist the people to bring about social change and justice through education and organization of the rural poor according to the policy statement laid by the government of India for non formal education to child laborers,

Our Area of Operations