MSME - Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises TREAD SCHEME

We are very glad to inform you that we are conducting six trade youth skill trainings. The course are given below:
1. Tailoring
2. Clay Doll Making
3. Glouse Making
4. Napkin Making
5. Chappal Making
6. Fast food Making (Catering)

We have training to 22 WSHG Groups. 220 women got benifited.Through MSME trained candidates are given loan to develop this business. Hence MSME is giving full operative to develop the weaker section.
Every year we have celebrated the World Women Day celebration with Women Self Help Group members. We have starting from the programme with Awareness Procession. We celebrate the women day at Jayasakthi Mahal, Deputy Commissioner of Madura City police Mr.R.Thirunavu Karasu and Madurai corporation Health Officers and Nabfins District Manager Dr.R.Thangasamy were participated the programme and giving the awareness. Women Self Help Group members are giving the cultural programmes. The Founder Mr.M.Subburam., has achieved lot of programme through his NGO. The Awareness programmes like
1.Care and Protection of Adult girls
2.Legal Awareness Programmme
3. Dengue Awareness
4.National Rural Health Vision Awareness
5.World Food Day
6. World Health Day
7. Road Safety Programme
8. Save Electric Power Awareness Programme.

All these programme was conducted by his own fund and member contributions. Right back women’s day was celebrated and inaugurated by chief health officer, Assistant Health officer corporation and inspector of Police. The activities in the organization are done freely and through sponsors.

Tamilnadu Mahalir Thittam have provide Youth Skill Training for Beautician and Power Machine Operator. In each training 20 WSHG members were participated. Handicraft Product Exhibition: Handicraft product of the Women Self Help Group of FEDCROT were exhibited in various stalls and exhibitions during the year 2013. Such exhibitions were encouraged Women groups to produce more goods for delivery in local markets. These Programmes were supported by the Mahalir thittam.
• Bedside Assistant
• Midwifery Assistant

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